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Stats and Permissions (Spoilers here)
My mother was French
Age: Mid-thirties

Height: 6' 2" (1.88 m)

Weight: Unknown, but pretty fit

Medical Info: Relatively healthy for someone from the 12th century with an active, almost military lifestyle.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Physical traits: He looks like this.

What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: Not too much Fourth Wall stuff--he's going to be in shock as it is.

Abilities: Can wield a sword, a bow and lance. Rides like a knight from the 12th century. Probably speaks French well as his mother was French.

Notes for the Psychics/Magically or Spiritually sensitive: His mind is basically a loop that goes "Guilt, mother, remorse, Marian, guilt, remorse, Meg, MARIAN, guilt, ISABELLA--repeat . . ."

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Yes, but discuss first. He will freak out hilariously though.

Hugging/kissing/other non-violent physical contact: Sure, he might flail though. His "heart is ashes" and all that. I think it means he has no happy boners.

Maim/Murder/Death: Yes, Gizzy was made for this.

Cooking/other stuff: . . . Not very well? He had to take care of his sister on his own for a while when they were living in some godforsaken corner of France (without an acre to their name, etc), but it was mostly servants who did the cooking.

Other: Spoilers . . . He's also dead in canon at the end of season 3. He was stabbed right through the abdomen with a sword and stabbed in the back with a poisoned blade as his killers were much better at killing than he was--thanks canon.


His middle name is Crispin.

His mother was French.

His father went to the Crusades and all he got for it was leprosy.

He has two siblings--his younger sister Isabella and his illegitimate half-brother Archer.

He's not a bad archer, but Robin was always better at it.
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A clue--no
Character name: Guy of Gisborne
Series: Robin Hood (2006 BBC One adaptation)
Age: Mid-thirties.
Job: Professional (Bumbling) Henchman
Canon: Britain during the time of King Richard was a turbulent place. The King is in the Holy Land and Prince John is raising the taxes. Only Robin Hood and his band of outlaws continue to fight against the tyranny of the Sheriff of Nottingham. Oppressing peasants is hard work, but fortunately, the Sheriff has a loyal right-hand-man in the ruthless and arrogant Sir Guy of Gisborne. Or does he?

Conflicted and constantly driven by the need to better himself through social-climbing and backing the obvious winners, Guy of Gisborne is a self-made man who has allowed his ambition to silence his conscience most of the time. He shows loyalty and devotion in his pursuit of his unrequited love, but his decision to back the wrong cause for selfish reasons always results in him making the worst possible decisions . . . This just makes him really bitter when he gets stabbed in the back (repeatedly). Gisborne is capable of remorse for some of his deeds and performs occasional acts of kindness later in the series. His hot temper and hasty decision-making tend to overrule his softer side and he has been party to a great many atrocities, but he does attempt to to do the right thing and he can be inspired to do good by other people.

Note: Guy is taken from the end of Season 3.

Sample Entry:

Attention denizens of Camp! Your Lady Director has imposed a five percent tax on biscuits and baked goods to pay for the upkeep of this farm. Payment in full or I'll have to make an example of you lot.

It's no skin off my nose to beat up a few peasants, but I've been associating with people who don't approve of torture. Make it quick and I'll have the lads pretend to smack a few of you around the ear for the look for it--how's that? I wouldn't worry though. They're really uncoordinated despite training and seldom even hit the broad side of a barn--these things don't seem to change no matter which overlord you're working for. The rotting, however, is new and they actually smell worse than soldiers normally do. It's probably not the plague--more like a case of Hand, Foot, Mouth and Skin disease.

I will also need the whereabouts of a local outlaw and his gang as they are suspected of theft and banana hording. Anyone who knows the whereabouts of Purple Anorak and the Gorillas in Hoodies is to report it immediately. There's a big reward in it for the person who does--not real sugar, don't get your hopes up. You'll have to be content with all the pudding cups you can stuff down. Don't ask me what sort of reward that is--it's the Director's orders. I just want to get by.

It's not easy, you know? You have to kiss up to power-mad tyrants and kick a lot of people in the teeth in order to climb society's greasy pole. They'll probably throw you over after a while too. That's life. Sometimes, I do see Locksley's point, but the Director's holding all the cards here and she offered a lot of people second chances. Lady Sayre also controls all the food, water and internet access to cat macros, whatever that is. Apparently the people here can't live without it. Well I have simple needs too!

All I want is a respectable position and a possible chance at the hand of Lady Marcy--is that too much to ask? What do you mean I'll have to take all the other tentacles as well?

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